Valif Tablets

Valif Tablets

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The generic Vardenafil tablets must be consumed 60 minutes prior to the intercourse and the recommended dosage is one tablet in a day.

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What are the Valif Tablets?

These tablets are advised to cure Impotence or the problem of Erectile Dysfunction in men. In a layman’s language, it treats inability to achieve and sustain a hard as well as an erect penis that is much needed for a passionate sexual act. The main cause of this inefficiency is an insufficient flow of blood into the penis region.

How Does The Valif Tablets Work?

The drug directly works to eradicate the main cause of Impotence. A dose of Valif tablets 20mg contributes to relaxing the blood vessels, causing an erection. One essential pre-requisite to the functioning of the medication is that the results will only be a response to sexual stimulation and it won’t work without that. One must be sexually aroused to see the positive results of the medicine.

How To Take A Valif Tablet?

The right way to taking the medicine is exactly as per the recommendation of the doctor. Make sure to swallow the tablet as a whole and do not crush, chew or break the same. The best way out is to take the drug at a fixed time.

Expert Advice For The Valif Tablets 20 Mg

The experts have recommended that the drug should be taken only when it is required that too only once in every 24 hours. An ideal time to consume the drug is approximately 1 hour before performing sexual intercourse. The drug will work and help to attain a strong and prolonged erection only when sexual stimulation is. The experts do not recommend the use of the drug for those who are on any other medication containing nitrates. Moreover, if the medicine is not suiting the patient, it is important to bring the same to the notice of the doctor otherwise it might end up in unfavourable situations like prolonged erection for around more than two hours even after sexual intercourse. The medicine is strictly prohibited for those having any history of strokes, heart attacks or any serious liver disease.

Is Alcohol Allowed While On The Valif Pills?

Alcohol is known to hamper the effectiveness of the valif tablets and hence, the patient should stop with alcohol consumption on starting with the medication for quick and safe results.

How Safe Is The Valif Medication During Pregnancy?

The pregnant women not at all advised with the consumption of the medicine. There are no supportive studies on the benefits of Generic Valif tablets for the females.

Any Special Instructions:

Being on the drug can end up with a feeling of dizziness, which is a very normal effect. To be on the safer side, driving any vehicle or a heavy machinery is not advisable after taking a Valif 20mg Tablet. In certain cases, the medicine might even affect the vision that can prove to be risky during these activities. Also, the patients with any history of Kidney problems must use the drug with great caution. This might need adjustment of the dosage and hence, consulting the doctor is a must in this case.

What To If A Dose Is Missed?

In case any dose of the Valif tablets is missed, it is important to take the missed dose at the earliest. However, if you have reached close to the time of your next dose, it is advisable to skip the missed dose and follow the normal schedule without doubling the dose.

Contraindications of Valif Tablets:

The Valif tablets are contraindicated in those patients with any kind of hypersensitivity to Vardenafil or any other inactive ingredient that is present in the Valif tablets. Further to this, administration with the nitrates and even nitric oxide donors is also strictly contraindicated.

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