Aurogra Tablets

Aurogra Tablets

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Sildenafil Citrate is the active ingredient in Aurogra 100mg tablets that are used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in men.

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What are Aurogra Tablets?

The drug is basically a Sildenafil citrate composition that is mainly used for the treatment of a major sexual dysfunction problem in men, known as Erectile Dysfunction or in simpler terms, Impotency.

What Is The Work Mechanism of Kamagra Aurogra Tablets?

The Aurogra tablets 100mg are PDE-5 inhibitors that give rise to nitric oxide development assists. This action causes expansion of the bloodstream to the male reproductive organ, which further results in acceleration of an adequate erection. The drug also helps to sustain the erection as it brings about the muscles in the sexual organ to unwind, clearing the blockage that prevents smooth flow of blood. Taking this medication is considered to be a perfect and highly effective approach to treat ED in men. The medication will begin the work only after sexual stimulation and the effect is expected to last for approximately four to six hours.

The Right Dosage of Aurogra Tablets:

The right dosage may vary from individual to individual and should strictly be based on the recommendation of the doctor. The standard recommended dosage is of 50mg that must be taken around 30-60 minutes before the sexual activity. The maximum daily dosage is of 100mg per in a 24-hour period. In order to remain in a safe position, it is important to discuss the medical history with the doctor before starting with the drug consumption. The dosage may further be altered according to its effectiveness and tolerance level of the patient.

Important Instructions About Taking Aurogra Tablets

Certain instructions must be followed before taking any particular medicine so as to gain positive and fast results. Here are certain essential instructions to be followed for safe administration of Aurogra tablets:

  • Take the medication strictly with water
  • Stop alcohol consumption while on the drug as doing so can prove hazardous and can even affect the effectiveness of the medicine.
  • The pill must be popped in only when you plan to engage in sex
  • Avoid taking the medicine with heavy meals as it can influence the digestion of the Aurogra pill.

Are There Any Side Effects of The Aurogra Tablets?

There are certain moderate side effects that are usually linked with the Aurogra tablets. Some of the common ones include dizziness, feeling of nausea, significant reduction in blood pressure other serious side effects that can occur in certain rare cases include prolonged erection. In order to avoid the extreme after effects, it is always better to take a proper recommendation from medical experts about the safe dosage for you depending on the medical history.

Is Alcohol Safe With The Aurogra Pills?

The alcohol consumption must be stopped while on the drug because this can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the medication.

What is the right way to store the Aurogra Kamagra Tablets?

It is recommended to store Aurogra at 25 degrees C that is anywhere between a range of 15-30 degrees Celsius is permitted. Also, the drug should be kept at a safe distance from heat, moisture, as well as light.

Expert Advice For Taking Aurogra Tablets:

Here are certain essential experts tips to be considered before the intake of Aurogra drug:

  • The patient should speak to a healthcare professional before starting with the consumption
  • Aurogra should be kept away from the reach of children
  • Neither alcohol, not a heavy meal should be combined with the drug
  • In case of an overdose, immediately rush to the doctor
  • If a dose is missed, it is important to take it as soon as you realize the same or only when you plan to engage in the sexual activity.

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